Live Life and Laugh

To live life and laugh is a conscious decision to determine mood. I choose an elevated mood by concentrating on the upbeat and humorous things in life, and have adopted "Live Life and Laugh" as my personal motto.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clown Gear

For a lift in my good feelings, I don my clown gear and appear in public.
The reaction of most people is to enjoy a lift in their day as well.

The odd "serious" person might say:
"Why don't you act your age?" or "What would your wife think if she knew that you dressed like that?"

The first question does not get a reply! I am adequately covered for the second - my wife ENCOURAGES me in my alter-ego clowning.

Christie has heaps more costumes than I do and is a delightful mime to boot. She has made many of my costumes, and has more in mind. You should see her collection of fabric for just this purpose.

I may even have to change personalities several times a day with different costumes to keep up.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


It is wonderful to have a partner who exhibits a great joy for life and who is a devoted worker of many talents.

Our love story spans half a globe and many challenges, not the least of which is to live together in the same country. After a bunch more forms, togetherness will be achieved in the near future.

The 17 hour time difference has meant that our frequent conversations have spread each day over 41 hours. Do I live her time zone, or does she live mine? Who knows. A simple 24 hour day would be a great gain for both of us.

I am trading a mostly coastal existence for a life at altitude in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. Here I live in the high temperatures of the subtropics. After all my years of heat, I am willingly going to a place that has four distinct seasons and some very delightful snow. Besides, the mountains of Utah are spectacular and beautiful.

My move represents a chance to really live life to the fullest with my beautiful Christie. I can speak my Strine; she can translate - in a country where every one, to me, appears to have an accent. She has a good ear and is quick to imitate my lip-lazy, Australian English. Her greatest challenge is to render "hooroo" correctly. However she has eagerly adopted "bloke" into her vocabulary.

Christie sings beautifully: I would occupy, with ease, a lip-synch position in any choir. We have a lot to laugh about together, and laughter is life

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Hat

With my advancing maturity, my dome with its folicular challenges needs protection from the tropical sun - hence "the hat". Solid and leather, it provides adequate protection.

However, my wife, born in Texas, has Taixsus views on hats (and most other things). When she received the accompanying photo, she commented "Yo'all (accepted as singular especially as a term of endearment) hads better find the little boy you stole that hat from and give it back immediately."

Half a world apart, I am safe in wearing it. When I relocate to Utah to be with my Christie, the hat may experience a different fate.

Just as easy...

It is my choice to be happy, notwithstanding the choices of others around me to the contrary, and to interact with others of the human persuasion. Often, I feel, we are so busy that we human doings rather than human beings. Quiet time needs to be restored for only then can humour surface and laughter follow naturally.

It is just as easy for me to be happy as for me to be miserable. This single adoption of "happy" in itself provides an instant elevation of mood, all natural and without the need for mood-altering drugs.

I am of firm belief that we all have daily challenges. What they are is of little consequence compared to what we do with them, and how we allow the to affect us.

When you follow this blog, your personal choice, may you be given the uplift you need to make a difference in your world.