Live Life and Laugh

To live life and laugh is a conscious decision to determine mood. I choose an elevated mood by concentrating on the upbeat and humorous things in life, and have adopted "Live Life and Laugh" as my personal motto.

Friday, October 13, 2006


The transition is complete. I am now in the United States and living a new adventure with my wife, Christie.

I have been slack and idle with my blogging, using THE MOVE as an excuse. When Christie and I had a 16 hour time difference and I had 40 hour days, we seemed to get so much done. Now we have to squeeze everything into 24 hours, and pretend we do not have enough time to get it all done.

It is a pleasure to share my day with someone who has the same ideals. We have been able to include day motivational seminars, classes in Spanish, a fitness program, business group, a trip to Las Vegas for a week of convention, exploration of fall colors in local canyons and heaps of other stuff. We are grateful for all we see and do.

We are having fun seeking out others who also have a positive attitude to life. This comes from activity and participation. We are conscious of our nutrition, water intake and exercise - even if it kills us!

We examine our days in retrospect to look for everything we can be grateful for: people we meet, good things that happen to us, where we have been able to laugh, etc.

A bonus is always where someone comes up to meet us because they have seen us happy together. I find a notebook and pencil to be a necessity.