Live Life and Laugh

To live life and laugh is a conscious decision to determine mood. I choose an elevated mood by concentrating on the upbeat and humorous things in life, and have adopted "Live Life and Laugh" as my personal motto.

Friday, May 08, 2009

I like inspiring stories

People have stories - I like to listen. Such inspiration is a wonderful part of my day. I listen to what happened, what it was like, how they overcame adversity and came to enjoy life. Rarely do I hear that life is so unfair. Life IS. It is what passes us by while we are waiting for something "special" to happen. Often the path to a happier today while gruelling during its traverse, becomes irrelevant in the total scheme of things. One secret that is common to very happy, previously challenged people is being totally free of prescription medication that was often a feature of their testing periods. We are so resilient using our own resources.

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