Live Life and Laugh

To live life and laugh is a conscious decision to determine mood. I choose an elevated mood by concentrating on the upbeat and humorous things in life, and have adopted "Live Life and Laugh" as my personal motto.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Live Life and Laugh

Having an extensive wardrobe, even in clown gear, can come in handy at times. A spur of the moment decision to attend a Hallowe'en parade required the use of a mixture of my costumes made by Christie.

Not quite the traditional but the effect was good. We were photographed by every tourist around (in the case of Japanese tourists, with them, with someone else being handed their camera for the exercise).

Christie is a source of an endless variety of great quality costumes, a wonderful adjunct to any clown family


Blogger Wise Owl said...

Hi, this is Christie. I love colors and my clown husband.
My mind swirls with ideas for costumes for both men and women.
I believe that every married, or seriously endeared to each other couple, should have some GREAT fun in their life. It takes so little to get away from the doldrums of everyday boredom and get into a perky smile and an enduring look or wink at each other. We all can become tintalated with excitement with fun of all kinds.
Remember when you threw that snowball or rang the bells at Christmas time? Your mouth turned into a beaming smile, right?
Remember that first kiss and that warm feeling that came over you? That is what it is like when you are having private fun with your loved one.
If I still see a frown or,"I don't see that in my life". May I suggest you need to put a lock on your bedroom door, turn up the soft music, and hire a babysitter for the kids or your parents that are hanging around. Send them to the neighbors. Why not?
Your first priority is to take care of you and your second priority is to care for your spouse. Kids are third priority. Your Job is fourth. I say DOVETAIL and give your "young" hearts to each other and have some good happy fun. Dress-up and get out of your work-a-day living into a happier time. Don't let life pass you by! Live! Don't worry, be happy! Tomorrow will arrive with or without you. Enjoy today! Yeah!

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